Never underestimate the stupidity of apathy

As I wend my way through this troubled life I meet and talk with many people. Whether that’s through my day job as a Design Manager most of the time or when i’m delivering training about BIM or perhaps lecturing or speaking at a conference or meeting.

Whilst there is undoubtedly now a real ground swell of digital sweeping across our industry, and a significant proportion “get it”, there remains a huge proportion of the industry who really haven’t a clue.

Clients, contractors, suppliers, sub-contractors, support trades and disciplines. Not a clue.

What’s this BIM thing about? Just models innit? I don’t have time to worry about that. Whats it for again? Whats the point? How much? Will it hurt? Can we just get this course over with so I can get back to my very important job?

I just wonder where have you been living the last 6 years? Planet Zarg with my furry friends?

Dear people, my earthlings,  always remember that within our digital hot house, its very easy to forget what it was like when we knew nothing at all about this. Unfortunately that is still where most of our industry are – outside in the cold.

Bring them in to the warm, to feel the fire.

For all the talk about Level 3, Level 4, convergence, digital twins and god knows what else, we will be explaining the basics for many years to come. Remember that, and be kind, as you go peacefully among the world.

Think of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and “level flight”.




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