Good things…can’t even give them away these days……..!

You might know “1066 and all that : A memorable history of England,” by Yeatman and Sellar.

They introduce the concepts of GOOD and BAD things.

I’d like to introduce you to 3 GOOD things.

No brainers. Support one, support them all, but do something about it today!


Class of Your Own, founded and run by Alison Watson MBE. Doing great work in schools, selling our industry, delivering the DEC! qualification.

Sponsor a school, sponsor COYO, get involved in workshops, plenty to to do.

Do something! Life changing, inspiring and addictive all in one go. And you’ve guessed it, A GOOD THING!

More info here:


The B1M. I’ve known Fred Mills for several years now, like Alison Watson, he is one of a handful of people that I know that are truly inspiring, with their vision, commitment, energy, determination and enthusiasm. Fred is one of these people in my book. His longsightedness of the industry is amazing. Through the B1M he delivers great video content about our industry for the YOUTube generation. Great communication, over 4m (yes! 4m!) viewers a month around the world.

Sponsor them , sponsor a video, do a video , take part. Watch it! Do something!

More info here:

Amazing, inspiring, informative. A B1M video a day, keeps digital extinction away! And you’ve guessed it, ANOTHER GOOD THING!


The UK BIM Alliance. Founded in 2016 to bring together the UK BIM Community and focus on the delivery of Level 2 and digital transformation. It’s been my privilege and joy to work with some amazing people in this, too many to mention but they know who they are.

I think we have surprised a number of people across the industry. We are here to stay, and we have a voice, and we speak for the BIM community and industry. We are the true honest broker, we are not in hock to anyone, we can call it as it is. Total transparency.

We’re producing great work. The Winfield Rock report about the legal implications of BIM, and the forthcoming report from the Product Data working Group, to mention just two. Go to our website to find out more, lots of goodies for free download.

Volunteer, sponsor, become a patron, initiate and sponsor a project, there are many ways to get involved.And you’ve guessed it, GOOD THING No 3!

More info here:

So there you go, three ways to do something practical, so my friend.


Just do it and do it today! :o)


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