Heriot Watt report shows clear evidence of the benefit of Design Engineer Construct!

“Heriot Watt University fully supports the DEC initiative and are delighted to participate. Our staff and students involved have been blown away by the responses from pupils. Working with the young talented pupils at Drummond High School has been inspirational for all involved. Developing their knowledge of the various roles undertaken in the built environment is helping the sector to attract new talent.

The job opportunities at all levels, the use of new technologies and the impact this can have on human life, environment and sustainability has enthused pupils to consider undertaking a rewarding career.

This report clearly demonstrates collaborative working between Heriot Watt University, Drummond High School and Laing O’Rouke is making a big impact, creating an exciting future for pupils. Congratulations to all involved.”


On behalf of Class Of Your Own, I’m very pleased to see the launch of the NSC/CITB funded Heriot Watt University ‘Mutual Benefit’ report which outlines the first year of an ongoing academic research project currently being undertaken with DEC teachers and learners at Drummond Community High School in Edinburgh.

The report presents clear evidence of the benefits of the Design Engineer Construct! Learning Programme to industry and academia in supporting the development of a genuine pipeline of AEC talent in secondary schools.

Please join us in celebrating this report by sharing with your senior leaders and key personnel in CSR, HR, PR and Marketing. We would also encourage you to highlight to your local councillors and Members of Parliament as this report has already been sent to the Department for Education. It would be a great shame to see it gather dust on a DfE shelf.

In the meantime, please find a link to the report here:https://designengineerconstruct.com/message-from-alison-watson-mbe-ceo-class-of-your-own/

May we take this opportunity once again to thank you for your continued support – this report represents a huge leap for the Construction industry as top choice for technical and professional STEM careers, right where it belongs!

Sincere regards

Alison Watson MBE

Chief Executive

Class Of Your Own Limited

PS – Dear Earthlings, we keep going on about skills shortages, industry transformation, and the need for digital skills and young people to enter our recalcitrant industry.


Don’t buy them! Get involved in schools through Class of Your Own and DEC!

Create your own pipeline of talent.

The digital natives are in our schools, what are you waiting for?

Get involved with Class Of Your Own, you know it makes sense. Sponsor a school, get your staff to workshops, I promise you you will never have experienced anything like it in your career. The joy, exhilaration, inspiration and just the fact of doing some sheer f**k**g good for our industry and the next generation!!!

Come on!!!

Do it!!!


More info here or from me direct:

Class of Your Own


You know it makes sense!


PPS – And if you don’t, just do it anyway!!!!!!!!!!! :o)






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