Lean meets car wash….

Had my car washed last week. D+T in Leatherhead, you might know them, just off junction 9 of the M25. A little plug here, but I don’t mind, I’ll tell you why.


That’s what these guys do. Every time. No ifs buts or cream cheese. They do the business. They are to car washing what Ronaldo is to overhead kicks. Amazing. Week in week out.

It’s very simple, very lean, very efficient. Cars keep moving in and out. Teams of people spray, wipe, polish, and clean with a ferocious appetite for perfection. Even the boss lends a hand, always a duster and spray gun in hand, as well as the cash!

In and out, cleaned, polished, waxed and valeted in about 20 minutes. I always give a good tip , because “they’re worth it” . Every penny.

It’s been a while since I’ve been there. It occurred to me that they’ve got even better…

I thought about it for a while.

They work very hard, it’s full on. It’s teamwork at it’s very best. Everyone knows their job, they rely on everyone around them doing theirs as well, both before and after in the sequence. Continually producing satisfied customers.

Sound familiar? Something to think about!

Cheers! :o)

Ciao ciao!






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