UK BIM Alliance – The end………..of the beginning!*

We held our latest quarterly Alliance forum last week. We had to get a bigger room at the IET in Savoy Place. (Big shout out to Rick Hartwig and the IET team for their constant support – thank you guys!)

Around 75 of us were together to listen to the latest update on the progress of the Alliance.

We have projects on the go, accolades for great work, patrons coming on board, a little cash in the bank at last, and recognition on the global stage particularly through our recent merger with buildingSMART UK+I.

Inside I was leaping up up and down. We have momentum. This is beginning to work. You can see it! We are demonstrating in very tangible and real ways that we can get industry to collaborate across boundaries and silos. We can have impact. We can make a difference.

A far cry from a few years ago when just a handful of us met to float the idea of the Alliance, to  gather the UK BIM community to push the transformation to digital.

I’m sure there was the thought that this might not work, but equally and perhaps stronger still was the thought that we had to try. Because no one else was standing up to do this, to provide the leadership on these issues that industry desparately needs

So here we are.

We now have a great team of people and network led by our chair Dr Anne Kemp, who has an international reputation for her work on standards and collaboration. We are growing, and I feel two years on now we are coming into our own. It is indeed the end of the beginning, but more, so much more is yet to come.

>> You can see our stuff here at the UK BIM Alliance

>> On the website you can download resources, and sign up for our newsletter.

>> You can suggest a project and get involved.

>> You could become a patron/sponsor.

If you want to know more or join in with us, just contact us through the website or contact me direct.

All are very welcome to join in to change our industry forever, and provide a lasting legacy for today and make a real difference for future generations.

Cheers! :o)

Ciao ciao!


PS. – Of course this could just be famous last words. But we have to try, and yes its cost us all a lot of time and effort over the last couple of years, but I’d do it all again without hesitation. :o). J.

  • Need to make sure I get this the right way round! :o)

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