The Deanes Academy – Class Of Your Own

“Developing the next generation of construction professionals!”

A varied team of people from across the industry have come together as a collaborative consortium – Team Prometheus –  to support a school in Essex with delivery of the DesignEngineerConstruct! curriculum developed by construction education specialists Class Of Your Own.

Our support will include assisting teachers with lessons and workshops, as well as providing site visits to live projects for students.

The team includes, architects, designers, supply chain, contractors and digital specialists.

The school in question is The Deanes Academy in Benfleet, Essex, which came very close to closure a few years ago but is now thriving:

Supporting the school in this way enables The Deanes to deliver the DEC! course, provides training for the teachers and support for the students. In addition this provides corporate social responsibility opportunities for the sponsoring businesses and their people.

Class Of Your Own founded in 2009 has specialised in getting the built environment into schools, to promote the industry as a career choice. The DEC! curriculum is equivalent to GCSEs and more information can be found here:

Alison Watson, the CEO and founder was recently awarded the MBE in recognition of hers services and tireless work in promoting built environment education.

Putting a team together like this to support a school with DEC! is a UK first for Class Of Your Own, particularly as most of the team are SMEs. (Small Medium Enterprises). In some cases these are micro SMES, companies with one or two employees. Achieving this has been my ambition for some time.

The full team coordinated by John Eynon is as follows:

  • Delta Balustrades – Balustrades/guarding specialist
  • Grounds Associates – Land Surveyors
  • HNW Architects – Architects/Designers
  • Hunters South Architects – Architects/designers
  • Innovating Futures – Digital/BIM Consultants
  • Majenta Solutions – Digital/BIM Consultants
  • Open Water Consulting – Design Management/BIM
  • Pam Bhandal PR – Construction marketing
  • The B1M – Construction social media
  • Thirwall Associates – Landscape Architects
  • Wilmott Dixon Construction – Main Contractor

If you would like more information about this initiative, Class Of Your Own, or would like to get involved, and support this or another school as part of a collaborative, then just contact John Eynon,

Cheers! :o)

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