The future of VR

If you haven’t come across Jaron Lanier yet, I suggest you do!

His career goes right back to the early days of BIM related VR/AR and I like his thinking and approach precisely because he challenges the status quo, and set patterns of rigid parochialism and hierarchies.

Try his other books “Who owns the future?” and “You are not a gadget”. In my view he’s one of the few people who understands where the data economy might go, and some of the implications for us as a society at large.

His latest book ” Dawn of the New Everything” charts his personal journey from the early days of developing VR tools through to current times. It’s a very personal and sometimes intimate view of his life, trials, challenges, pain and success.

A few quotes….

The parallels between science fiction and current and future tech become more real and sometimes scary by the day. But in a strange and comforting way Jaron comes to a remarkable and for some perhaps a surprising conclusion:

Lanier ends the book with two words – “Love creation”

In my own life my father died 10 years ago yesterday. He left a huge void in my life that took sometime to reconcile. And whilst I have experienced pain and suffering to some extent it’s not on the scale that Jaron and many others have had to face and overcome. There is of course the box of frogs inside my own head but thats another story sometime!

In conclusion I find it breathtaking that this man who has lived his life pushing the boundaries of tech advancement in the face of sometimes pretty strong criticism comes back to Ground Zero here – an unshakeable belief in the strength, power and future of humanity and everything that brings to the table.

As we strive for digital transformation we would do well to remember that in the final analysis, it is about us as people, how we communicate, collaborate and set aside sometimes personal or organisational ambitions for the greater good. Heroism if you will. Our human-ness is what makes the difference and is what we bring, with our individuality, foibles and idiosyncrasies. The tekkies would do well to remember that!

Technology, Process and ………..PEOPLE!

Ciao ciao!

Cheers :o)


Excerpts taken with thanks from Jaron Lanier ” Dawn of the New Everything: A Journey Through Virtual Reality”, 16 Nov 2017, Bodley Head, available on Amazon Here:



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