The blink of an eye……

Everyday we fool ourselves into the permanency of our existence when in reality our lives hang by a very fragile thread…

For instance.

Driving to work the other day I passed a road accident near where I live. A motor cyclist had disagreed with a bus and come off for the worst.

He was prone on the ground. Covered in various coats and jackets to keep warm, surrounded by several carers, waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

This made me think. A changed life is literally a blink away.

The motorcyclist might have just said good bye to his wife and kids, kissed them on the foreheads before leaving to go for another day’s work. His day was to be very different and I hope he was ok in the end.

But the lesson here is change is literally a heartbeat away. Whether that’s driven by us or by external circumstances. Permanence is an illusion. For ill or good something radically different can be literally just around the corner.

What would you like it be?

Ciao ciao!

Cheers :o)



PS – And hey let’s be careful out there.

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