News Flash! – The UK BIM Alliance Rocks!

Dangerous things are happening across the built environment industry.

People are collaborating, talking and working together. ( Better put a stop to that then! :o)  )

UK BIM Alliance won Team of the Year Award 2017 at the Construction Computing Awards in London this week.

Speaking afterwards at a fringe meeting, John Eynon, wearing the infamous Red Hat, and Engagement Lead and Exec Board Member of the UK BIM Alliance was heard to say something like:

” Over the last 18 months we have worked very hard to launch UKBIMA and establish the necessary infrastructure to take us forward. It is great and also reassuring to receive the endorsement of our peers this evening, in this way. However, our goals remain ever the same, to achieve widespread adoption of Level 2, “business as usual”, across industry by 2020. Thus providing the platform for digital transformation and a leading position for the UK in the global information economy. On a lighter note, on the evidence of this evening we have a number of people in the team who clearly can party hard, so it’s a WIN-WIN all-round! :o)”

Whilst ever so slightly tongue in cheek, I would hope you get my drift.

We are actually getting people across industry working together. We’re crossing disciplines and sectors, breaking down silos and barriers. The recently announced merger with BuildingSmart UK+I is a good example of this. I’m sure in time we will have further such initiatives. Watch this space!

Dear people, clearly we need to work together. We need to change. The generations of Boomers and X-ers who mostly hold the reins of power and leadership across our industry, need to start waking up and smelling the coffee. Accept the inevitably of the digital transition, respond, adapt, evolve, transform. Right now before it’s too late for you and your organisation.

Remember Kodak, HMV, Blockbuster? Who?

In conclusion I’d like to mention a number of people in the UK BIM Alliance team. I know I’ll probably miss someone out  and I’m sorry but here goes, it’s been an honour, privilege, delight and a blast to to come with you on this journey so far:

Anne Kemp, Martin Penney, Pam Bhandal, Su Butcher, Stephen Holmes, Rick Hartwig, Adrien Guillemet, Raj Chawla, Bill Healy, Andy Boutle, Jill Guthrie, Garry Fannon, Sarah Davidson, Elizabeth Kavanagh, Mike Turpin, Helen Thompson, Brent Rees, Sarah Rock, May Winfield, Emma Hooper, Henry Fenby Taylor, Neil Thompson Booth, Steve Race, Alison Watson, Tim Platts,  Fred Mills, Nick Nisbet, and many others.

The UK BIM Alliance is on a solid footing now. We have a great team of diverse driven and passionate people and I firmly believe that 2018 will be our year. We will drive for critical mass and L2 adoption and increase our influence and profile. We may also have a few parties on the way……:o) (Note to Pam Bhandal!)

So to conclude as one of my colleagues at the RIBA once said to me “If you don’t honk your horn, they won’t hear you coming”

So this is me, honking our horn:

“The UK BIM Alliance coming through loud and clear!”

Join us!

Ciao ciao!

Cheers! :o)



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