The dystopian apocalyptic…take a break… time for a little madness…:o)

It’s not all about BIM, Design Management, technology and innovation is it? Sometimes you just have to wander off into the fields and pick a few flowers. I know I do! (Although the late great Bill Shankly said “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.” Perhaps our current state of tech anarchy could be just like that too!)

Anyway, I’m often amused by conspiracy theories and now and then I always wonder if there’s any truth to be found in them.

Part of me wonders if all the conspiracy theories are in themselves a massive conspiracy, a sort of future shock, if you will.

The real world government (!) is preparing the world for all sorts of things that already exist and have happened.

For a race that can hardly get to the Moon, we are strangely preoccupied with the stars, and future technology. Some of which is starting to arrive in our homes from Argos.

So if the theories are correct then some of the following are already here:

Aliens walk among us.

Superheroes and gods exist, and Captain America, the super soldier is alive and well.

Elvis does indeed live on the Moon with the aliens in a super base on the dark side.

Area 51 does indeed contain all the stuff from Roswell and other incidents, and there is a source of unlimited energy to solve all the world’s needs.

The global supply of cheese is in fact controlled by the Hallouminati.

There are massive programmes of government experiments into psychic abilities, strange powers, alternative parallel dimensions and the use of alien technology.

We have been experimented on and observed by races from other worlds for centuries, with whom key government figures are in contact and take holidays elsewhere in the Solar System from time to time.

And of course there are films by the hundreds, Forbidden Planet, Lost in Space, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stranger Things, American Gods, Dr Who and so on. Aliens, races, mankind among the stars, technologies beyond our (apparent) current capability. Although look at an early episode of the very first series of Star Trek, c 1970? and you’ll see the iPad in a yeoman’s hands recording the Captain’s log. Films that tell us about terrible and wonderful futures for Mankind and this Spaceship Earth.

The end of times, new races, new times and places, it’s all out there.

As for me, well I believe in fairies, Father Christmas, Unicorns, Dragons, The Gruffalo, Jabberwocky, Karma and the Basilisk in the Toad’s head. And that we are not alone, however you wish to interpret that. And also somehow that all of life is connected in ways we really don’t understand yet.

As for myself, well my inter dimensional transponder is calling me – I’m returning home to my holiday residence on the Planet Zarg for a few days.

“Normal” service will be resumed shortly. :o)


JOHN. (Zargian for Destroyer of Worlds and Devourer of Planets, so watch out!)

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