My Kobayashi Maru _ part 2_the end?

You might remember my previous post on this awhile ago.

We left it with duck family, mama, papa, and about 5 ducklings legging it along the motorway hard shoulder on a dark dank wet morning towards a certain death.

I asked you what you what you would have done.

I’m going going to tell you what I did.

I wish I could tell you that they’re all living happily ever after, on the huge lake in my back garden on the south coast with all their friends. Unfortunately I can’t and we all know life isn’t that simple and rarely has all loose ends tied up.

So here’s what I did.

I pulled over onto the hard shoulder. Hazards on. I put on my trusty contractor’s high viz and tried to catch up with the duck family. Mama and papa by this time had left the ducklings to it, I guess they were frightened by the traffic.

The ducklings meanwhile kept running…..and then  a few started to climb the grass bank towards the trees. I encouraged (!) the rest to do the same, and eventually all the ducklings were climbing the bank towards the trees. I knew there were ponds and water courses up over the bank, and I’m guessing that’s where they meant to go but got lost somehow.

Anyway that’s it. The ducklings climbed the bank, and I suspect (hope?) mama and papa were nearby and eventually rounded them up.

But I’ll never know. But I live in hope.

And this is where I am.

Sometimes you just have to deal with the problem in front of you and hope you can get through and leave it open for the next step. In this case I made sure duck family didn’t die on the hard shoulder. The possibility and opportunity of life remained open for them. Who knows what resulted?

Generally in my life and with the BIM Regions UK and the UK BIM Alliance this is what I try to do. – To create opportunity – to give people and organisations the opportunity to get involved, to step up, to take responsibility. It’s then up to them. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t.

And yes – people let me down. Sometimes they screw you in the back. Yes it’s disappointing particularly when they’re “friends” and I thought I could rely on them. But no matter. That is their problem, their conscience if they have one! Not mine.

But for me – I refuse to think less than the best of people.

I refuse to expect less than the best from people.

And yes I’m open to the pain and vulnerability that results but so be it. The alternative is to become bitter, twisted and cynical about what life has to offer and what we can do and achieve together.

That’s not for me.

Thanks for listening.

Ciao ciao!






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