BAD NEWS! – Great! – GOOD NEWS! – Boring! – OUTRAGEOUS HEADLINE! – No facts!

My relationship with the media has always been an uneasy one right from the start. In a different context I contributed to an article several years ago. The journalist totally rewrote everything I had produced, and distorted the message I was trying to get across to suit her own agenda.

Lesson learned!

And so to BIM.

The industry press and media are some of our main channels of communication , education and dissemination of information about Level 2 adoption.


Good news just doesn’t sell does it or generate traffic?. We’d rather read about some massive cock-up. Or the reasons why something long planned has failed to materialise or just failed, with massive losses, sackings and redundancies with Ragnarok just around the corner. (Note to Reader – Check out Thor/Norse Gods).

Repetition doesn’t sell either does it? Yesterday’s news is …….well yesterday’s news. Today we need something new , fresh different. In Biblical terms I think it’s in the KJV, it talks about a generation with itching ears, always needing something new to ravenously feast on.

This is not new. We are repeating history. At the turn of the 19th Century, The New Age, all sorts of “new” stuff emerged, giving birth to Impressionism, the Pre Raphaelites, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the Modern Movement in architecture leading into the Bauhaus pre the Second World War. And the rest as they say is history. (Strangely also driven by technological change).

So this is why the excitement around Level 3 has kicked off, because it’s next, new, and different to the boring Level 2 stuff which we’ve been talking about for the last few years.

Well I have some bad news for you, so you can write a headline on this one!

1 – The vast majority of the industry still has not got a clue about Level 2, let alone Level 3 – they’re barely at Level 1. This includes most clients, and public sector organisations below central government and SMEs and lower tiers of Main Contractors.

2 – If we don’t nail Level 2 by 2020, across industry, Level 3 will blow up on the launch pad. (Ooooh there’s an outrageous headline!) So we will be talking about Level 2 (and Level 1 even ) for some time yet!

3 – Ragnarok then follows on very quickly. Blessed release for some.

And another one :”£185,000,000: Is this the cost of delivering COBie UK?”

Great headline but immediately puts anyone off thinking, “If that’s what it’s going to cost , no way am I getting involved in this!” Interestingly in that article there is no substantiation of the math. And there still isn’t.

So actually that headline is wrong – I think it’s £5. Prove me wrong! Ha!

And so we come to Teenage Sex.

You may have seen this doing the rounds, articles and graphics likening BIM to teenage sex, something like …everybody says they’re doing it, in reality nobody’s doing it, no-one knows how to do it…blah…yawn.

Big thanks to the bright sparks that thought this one up – try searching for “Teenage Sex and BIM”. Another blatant attempt at headline grabbing. You will find some half-enlightening articles on BIM and a whole load of porn. Great job guys. Unfortunate and again totally factually inaccurate. (Again)

Why ? Because there are people and organisations, doing BIM, and doing it very well and successfully and making money and producing great work. Get with the programme guys. You are soooooo behind the curve.

So…if you’ve made it this far, this has been a rant roller coaster of a post. Not quite done yet.

The good thing about all of this is that it provides the opportunity to debate, discuss and communicate. There is no such thing as bad publicity. It is a window for communication. An opportunity. As long as we keep jumping through the window, so long as we continue to discuss we can move this forward. So let’s talk.

Everyone, we all, have our agendas. Whether that be business industry or personal. So long as we overlap sufficiently we can move the industry forward. Thankfully in the UK we have a very active, vocal and vociferous BIM community. Come on! We can do this! My concern with the outrageous headlines is that they can convey a perception, an impression, that might deter newbies or people considering BIM. Those of us with the experience can see through the B/S. But we’re not newbies. In our attention span less society the headline is all it takes. I leave that to your conscience and managing your need for attention and hits.

And finally you might get the feeling I’m frustrated with certain people. You might be wondering if it’s you.

Well now.

As one of my good friends says, “If that shoe fits, then lace that bitch up!”


Ciao ciao!





2 thoughts on “BAD NEWS! – Great! – GOOD NEWS! – Boring! – OUTRAGEOUS HEADLINE! – No facts!

  1. You’re right that there’s a lot of us out there writing about BIM, and I like to think most of us are genuinely trying to push the industry forward. Do I have a motive in my writing? Yes of course I do. The more people who are aware of BIM then there’s more market to make sure my phone keeps ringing and my business continues to be involved in interesting projects with BIM at their core. Whether that’s L1 or L2, we’re here to help and I want others to know that.

    However, amongst the number of things I’ve written for the trade press I knew my Level 3 post would generate the most critism, and I put it out there anyway because I believe it to be important rather than sensationalist. So I’ll offer my counter point. I believe ignoring L3 until we have saturation of L2 is the wrong thing to do, and I’m well aware you disagree. That’s fine, by the way, if we all agreed then there would be no discussion and we’d be certain to miss the bigger picture.

    Our industry doesn’t know what L3 is, I certainly don’t know either. What I’ve come to realise is we don’t have the skills even to define what comes after L2 and that we aren’t attracting graduates with the skills to define it either. I want to see us start framing our problems that need solving and presenting them as roles in the construction industry. Construction Data Scientists or Asset Data Analysts are going to be needed, and without starting the discussion now we won’t be in a position to offer roles to to the next generation of construction professionals who are entering the digital world we are trying to create with L2.

    We need the UKBIMA to have a laser focused mission of delivering L2 to business as usual. But we also need those who are able to start key discussions about what comes next to get together with other industries and get the ball rolling.

    In the meantime let’s keep writing, and importantly keep challenging each others ideas.

    John Adams

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    1. Hi John . I think I don’t want to disagree with you . I’ve blogged on this before . I just don’t want us to lose focus on level 2 . But we need the cutting edge to continue to stretch us and to drive us on . We want the same things . 😎


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