…is the number of viewings my videos on YouTube have received up to yesterday mainly through The B1Mhttp://www.theb1m.com

My good friend Fred Mills pointed this out to me the other day. I hadn’t known and I was immediately gobsmacked. So thank you to Fred and Tom and the team and of course to everyone who has viewed the videos over these last few years.

I’m hoping you found them helpful. I just want our industry to be so much better. It is incredible already and we do amazing things everyday. But we know we can do so much to improve.

I’m hoping by sharing and encouraging all we can, we can truly make a lasting difference.

Having met Fred a number of times over the years, to me he is truly inspirational, and I’m honoured to have him as friend, and it is a joy to collaborate with him and the team.

So well done to the B1M http://www.theb1m.com and long may it continue! To infinity and beyond!


Ciao ciao! :o)


PS – Of course this is equivalent to the capacity of a medium sized football stadium, Wolves, Birmingham etc. But still represents only about 1% of our industry population – a sobering thought! We need to do things differently. And we will! :o)

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