Who in the #BIM are you? – A Digital Transformation Almanac for 2017!

You might have heard of Geoffrey Moore’s chasm theory*, so as a little game to start off 2017, use this article to work out where you are on your digital journey.

Innovator – You are on the cutting edge of digital innovation and transformation in the design/construction/operations sector. You have been for as long as you can remember and are committed to always being at the growing point leading the transformation and rapidly adopting new technologies and ways of working as they develop.

This article is of no further use to you – you can stop reading right HERE!

Early adopter – You’re never first in, you like to hedge your bets a little and see how things work out for your colleagues and/or competitors. BUT you are quick to see advantages and learn from others’ mistakes and jump in. So you’re not quite cutting edge but never really far behind. You know the landscape and issues we’re dealing with as an industry and you’re prepared to follow up with commitment, investment and action.

You will learn nothing from this article other than maintaining your competitive advantage and the eventual demise of your laggard competitors.

So this article is of no further use to you – you can stop reading right HERE!

Early majority – You’re more risk averse, and or perhaps hampered or intimidated by the scale of organizational change required. You can see some of the advantages but it is harder or slower for whatever reason for you to take this forward. You will be challenged to keep up this year with your leading peers and competitors, as they begin to maximise their competitive advantage and efficiencies from digital working. The choice is yours, to keep up, or fall behind and decline. Standing still for you is NOT an option, and you will need to decide and move quickly.

Late majority – As for Early Majority but only even more so with bells on. You have time but not much now. You are in danger of falling further behind, and to keep up you will need to succumb to peer pressure or demand from clients and supply chain and commit to action. You will need to run now to keep up. The window of opportunity is closing for you. In reality you have no choice, otherwise you will become part of the….

Laggards – For you there is no question of change. You will do what you’ve always done, and get what you’ve always got. OR WILL YOU? Your peers, competitors, clients, supply chain will be moving off into the distance ahead of you. There is clear open water between you now. You’re way behind. You won’t change and all the return on investments calculations in the world, case studies and information won’t make you change your mind. You might be of the Boomer/Gen X age stuck in your ways blocking change in your organization. Only things WILL change whatever you may think – your costs will go up, your profits down and your long-term viability will be in doubt. It’s not too late but the writing is on the wall. You will need to sprint to catch up now– will you? Or are you headed for the valley of dry bones with the other dinosaurs?

In conclusion this might all seem a little melodramatic. But even now so many people in our industry have not a clue about how digital transformation will affect them and why it’s important. The UK BIM Project is now in its 7th year. Expect it to seriously ramp up this year. Critical mass for Level 2 adoption is approaching.

The reality of a two-speed industry is here – those that do BIM and recognize the benefits, and those that don’t. So where are you? Where do you want to be? We are in industry changing times, affecting organisations, business, individuals and careers. This impacts everything we do and how we do it as an industry. You can be tossed around in the storm or set a course, it is really up to you.


*Geoffrey Moore – Crossing the Chasm – Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crossing-Chasm-3rd-Disruptive-Mainstream/dp/0062292986/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1483272850&sr=8-1&keywords=crossing+the+chasm


JOHNEYNON. – is a journeyman architect and design manager, BIM Champ, writer, blogger and speaker. You can catch up with him at: www.zenanddm.com

He is owner and director of Open Water Consulting.

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