BIM Regions UK update

We had our latest BIM Champs Board meeting just before Christmas.

There were many highlights but there are just a few on the top of the pile…

1 – Elizabeth Kavanagh has served with me as joint chair since our network refreshing efforts began about 2 years ago. However due to other commitments, Elizabeth has decided to stand aside – she will remain as a Regions Ambassador, in an advisory capacity. I want to go on record to thank her for her efforts, I have always greatly valued her advice and input. We will continue to support her work with Behaviours 4 Collaboration which is going great guns.

2 – I am pleased to announce that Helen Thompson and Jill Guthrie have both agreed and been appointed by the Board to be joint chairs with me. They are both leading women of the next generation of the UK BIM Movement leadership coming through and I’m delighted they’ve agreed to step up in this way. We will be making further appointments to the chairs group in 2017. As we move into the next phase of action and implementation for Level 2 and 3, the chairs group and others will be the main spokespeople for the Regions.

3 – As stated previously our Community Interest Company, BIM Regions UK CIC, is now up and running and is able to transact legally and commercially for the Regions. The CIC Board now comprises:

Directors: Steve Race, Brent Rees, Pam Bhandal, John Eynon (chair)

Non-Execs: Sarah Rock, Mike Turpin, Jill Guthrie, Helen Thompson

4 – Moving forward in 2017, the Regions will be working closely with the BIM4Communities which Rob Klaschka is coordinating, and also with the UK BIM Alliance, particularly on comms and BIM awareness.

5 – The meeting also marked our latest sponsor coming on board, Group BC. We thank them for their support and looking forward to working with them. They were our sponsors at DCW 2016 and again our thanks  for that also.

6 – Watch this space!

Any queries or for further information contact our Comms Champ – Pam Bhandal – at or take a look at our website







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