Who am I?

I am organised

I am system

I do not change

I am lined up

All my stuff is easy to find

Named correctly to attention, just how you want

I gather dust but I do not wither

I have no warmth but I like the cold…and the damp

I have no creativity

No spark

No life

I am Dead

I am a Cemetery

If someone told you that your life (and work) would be exactly the same in 10 years time as it is now, would you be happy?

Our systems and processes are all. And we say we love them, but don’t follow them. We profess undying love to the systems we put in place, and we still don’t follow them.

But they reckon not on the frailty, fragility and fickleness of our human nature.

Inject a little chaos and anarchy, take a chance.

Be the ghost of creativity in the machine.

I’m an agent of chaos…said the Joker…great film.





Inspired by passing a cemetery today, and something someone said on LinkedIn. HT. Thanks.


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