I was having lunch with a friend this week and we were talking as you do. I don’t know how we got on to the subject but it became a conversation about why I’m doing what I’m doing.

I guess for me I’ve always had that feeling I don’t fit somehow. I just seem to see things differently to most people. That’s just me. Sometimes that makes life difficult!

Starting my own company a few years ago was a break from the past and a journey into the unknown, to find my groove. When I sit at home in my “office” I can look across open water to the horizon, as I am right now. Sometimes you get those magical days when the sea merges with the sky and it is hard to tell where one stops or the other starts.

I can honestly look for hours.

Thoughts flit by, ideas drop in to place and calmness settles. Focus. Not answers necessarily but context, perspective. For me if I can see and feel the picture then I know I will know what do.

It is easy to lose your way, forget the original gripping vision that set you on your own journey. Our lives and brains become clogged with the stuff that seems good in the moment, but really isn’t going to get you where you wanted to be, or the person you wanted to become. So can it, move on, let go. Some get this, some don’t. So just deal with it!

For me recently it has been like that and I’ve been looking again at My Why? And does the stuff I do fit in with that. Add into this the rapidly changing digital and industry landscape now. I remember at the start of this of year wondering what was the point, but I/we soldiered on and 9 months later find ourselves in a very different, yes it is challenging but, potentially extremely exciting position. So for me I’ve culled some stuff and focused down on other things.

The journey has its’ ups and downs, twists and turns. But when you come up for air and get your oxygen and space, realign  yourself to your own Pole Star, remain true to yourself and your own purpose. No one else will do it or look after it for you!

There is part of MY WHY which is totally gripping, and enthralling. And I’ve mentioned this before.

As an industry we stand on the threshold of something truly amazing and inspirational. For as long as I can remember we have talked about industry transformation, reports have come and gone. Even an RICS report from the early 1900s was saying just the same kind of things we say now and have done for years.

The perfect storm of need, will, desire, technology and drive for change puts us in a place to achieve what generations before us have only dreamed of. This is about so much more than BIM, but it catalyses change through its disruption of old school cultures and processes.

The brave, the bold, the early adopters and early majority will seize the opportunities, they already are, and increasingly so. Finally we have the chance to make this stick, and drive on through to an industry that is respected, has a much higher profile, quality producing and driven, is more profitable, diverse and inclusive, environmentally, and economically sustainable and fun, and so much more.

Some see this, some don’t. The reality is that the future of many of well-known AEC businesses and individual careers are right on the line here, right now.

While I can I want to contribute as much as I can to this transformation – that’s why!

How about you? Carpe diem! Seize the day………!

Cheers! :o)

Ciao ciao!





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