The Construction Manager’s BIM Handbook – and finally!

Greetings earthlings and gentle reader folk!!!

You perhaps might get to say this only once or twice in a life time, so I’m going to say it and savour the moment while it lasts for a few seconds.

Tadaa! – My new book is out!img_4943

The Construction Manager’s BIM Handbook, published by Wiley and available here on Amazon and all good and gentle purveyors of technical books:

This one has been at least a couple of years in the making, and in many ways has been quite a journey for me, both in terms of my own understanding and growth, and also the maturing of the industry approach to BIM in the UK.

From the outset I wanted to do something a little different, combining what hopefully is some practical advice with some broader contextual pieces looking at different aspects of digital transformation across our industry, and related segmented issues. (Not everybody appreciated what I was trying to do, in my view that’s their loss, I guess we’ll see.) Something to dip into. Something more than just a “how to” or “press this button” kind of book, (there’s plenty of those around, much better than I could I ever write) something a little more visionary and strategic. Insights into what BIM is, what it could or might be, and where the whole idea of digital transformation is taking us, and what that might mean for us in our industry journey ahead.

So with contributions from James Wates, Phil Jackson, Sarah Rock, Mark Bew, Fred Mills, Richard Threlfall, Stephen Emmitt, Kath Fontana, Saima Butt, Anne Kemp, Rob Jackson, Adrien Guillemet, Alison Watson, Stephen Hamil, Stephanie Kozandiak and the living legend who is Steve Race. And also Synchro, Autodesk, and Bentley …..I’m hoping this fits the bill. But you will be both the judge and the jury!

I’m honoured and privileged, delighted, touched and humbled that such an array of leading people in UK BIM were willing to share their ideas and thoughts in this way with me (and you). I hope you will agree, if you decide to get hold of a copy.

Of course, failing that, due to its size and weight, it makes a very good doorstop or a serviceable coaster for your coffee cup or lunch plate!!

Ciao ciao!

Cheers :o)





2 thoughts on “The Construction Manager’s BIM Handbook – and finally!

  1. Brilliant, I’ve had this on pre-order for what seem like ages. The Design Managers Handbook is such a great resource, so I’m sure this one will be even better…cant wait to get reading!


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