Living in the gap

You know them.

You probably work alongside them.

You might even be one of the them.

Creating space, possibilities, between the lines, outside the lines. Outside the box, where there is no box. Who made the box anyway?

I was doing some training this week. My room in the hotel overlooked a canal, part of the greater Birmingham network. It had a high fence both sides and created a wildlife highway, dense trees and shrubs, providing a haven for all kinds of creatures, geese, swans, waterfowl and many more furry creatures. Wending its way through/under/around the motorways and industrial areas of Birmingham. Cheek by jowl with artics thundering past at 70mph.

In any system organisation or construct there is space between the lines to be exploited. Here it is that life, creativity, intuition, spark, can flourish unhindered. We all know them, the people who can find a way around, under, through the system. Who exploit the space, and create. Not outside the rules, but between the rules, the ghosts in the system.

Find your space – do something – don’t give up!

Ciao ciao!

Cheers :o)


PS – Orbiting the giant hairball – Gordon MacKenzie – check it out :o)


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