#nostoneunturned – #iamthefourthrider – Reflections of a Boomer

I guess the Olympics is a popular topic for a blog. I’m no different. But I was struck by a few things over the last few weeks.

As you will know the issues around industry transformation are never far from my mind.

Firstly, the story of Joe Clarke in the GB Kayak and his references to Sir Steve Redgrave and leaving no stone unturned in making that winning effort. Meaning – just do everything you absolutely can – turn over every stone and obstacle in the process.

Secondly in the Velodrome, the GB team marched on but in the 4 man team event, notice how the fourth rider sacrifices their effort for the benefit of the team, leading from the front, cutting the slipstream, forging a path, only to bow out a few laps from home to set up the winning sprint.

I know I’m not alone here.

There are countless thousands everyday making a contribution to improving our industry. We may not win awards, or be in the headlines, but we will not stop until this is done. Personal cost? Yes. Financial cost? Yes. Emotional cost? Of course. This all goes with the territory and we willingly accept that.

Why? Because we can see the finish line and what it means. We get the big picture – a world-class leading industry – a better future – AND – a better present!

And we won’t rest until the industry we hand on for the next generations is in better shape. The idea of a building a platform for digital transformation as a catalyst for change in the industry, is something I find totally enthralling and captivating! How about you?

Why wouldn’t you want to contribute and play a part in this? Stand up!

For me, I fully recognise that the tail end of Gen Y and the Millennials/Gen Zs will be ones to really take this on, follow through and do stuff that we Boomers now can only dream about. And they will probably roll over on me and bury me at the same time! No matter –  for me that’s ok, that is the price. When that happens and the time is soon coming, I will know I’ve done all I can and played my part to the full in making this change happen.

#nostoneunturned – definitely, you bet!

#iamthefourthrider – no problem, I can live with that! :o)

ciao ciao! :o)


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