I believe………….just so we’re clear………..

“For the avoidance of doubt” as they say.

Just so we are clear – “crystal”

I believe the best days and times are still ahead.

That applies to me, you, and anyone who wants to come along for the ride.

If I/we don’t believe we can make a difference, click a shift, a new step, find a better way.

Then its time to roll over and get my/our collective tummy tickled. On our back, legs in the air.

Otherwise what is the point? Really?

So as you can see ……I am not done yet. Not by a long stretch. I will not apologise.

As my friend and colleague Chris used to say……”If you don’t honk your horn – they won’t hear you coming!”

So watch out……..when you feel that rumbling beneath your feet, and you’re looking over your shoulder.

Just move over .

I’m coming through!


Ciao ciao!


PS. You’re probably wondering what the hell this is about.

Don’t worry. You’ll get it, or you don’t. Simples.

PPS. If you’re GenY, Gen Z, Millenial, just get out of the way, or try to keep up! Hahahaha! :o)




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