#BIMdancing – a parable

As Snoopy said “To live is to dance – to dance is to live!” or was it the other way round? :o)

Watch this:


We know who you are.

You’ve been dancing for some time.

But you’re worried that more haven’t joined with you yet.


They will come, they are coming even now.

You know the benefits of dancing, you experience them already.

So keep on dancing.

To those of you who aren’t dancing yet – why not?

You might still be thinking it over – what’s holding you back?

It’s inevitable you know – this change to dancing.

It will be our complete way of life very soon with all sorts of advantages, for you and your dance partners, for all sorts of reasons.

So join in  – you know it makes sense.

And finally if you really haven’t a clue what I’m on about here – talk to someone who does, you know them already – the dancers.

Very soon this dancing will just be the way we live.

So keep on dancing.

And many more will join in, and soon there will be only a few standing by, and very soon, they will fade away altogether.

Only the dancers will be left.

To live is to dance.

To dance is to live.

Ciao ciao! :o)



PS. – Now where are my dancing shoes?





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