Excited by the data….

I’m amazed I’m even writing this….how times have changed!

I attended the International BIM Symposium at Cardiff University yesterday. I was speaking about the formation of the UK BIM Alliance ( -More on this to follow shortly – press release imminent! :o))

Anyway we had the usual stuff , the impressive 3Ds, animations, clash detection, usual stuff. (Amazing we can say usual stuff now!)

Then a couple of presentations made me really sit up.

Firstly Nick Nisbet showcased some work of his with the NHS, about data capture and analysis on an existing  hospital. Not geared by 3D particularly but more about COBie and IFCs and data structures.

Absolutely stunning , as they are using gaming style tech to evaluate options for the future using the data they’ve captured in use.

Secondly the Dalian Wanda corporation from China showcased their work. They build huge Westfield style complexes. They have completed 150 of these developments over the last few years and they plan to complete 50 developments every year for the next 5 years! Absolutely colossal!

Needless to say all powered by BIM. They have their own standards and processes which they’ve developed and use which are successful. They design, procure, build, benchmark performance and operate in data environments. They lock down contract prices with their contractors 12 months ahead, on the basis of the data from past performance and build. They have libraries of data, components, materials and suppliers. Awesome stuff on a scale we can only dream of.

For me the point here is that this is what a digital industry is all about. Not the flash 3D and a bit of clash detection, but an industry driven by data opening up possibilities that we couldn’t even think about previously.

It’s all there for the doing and taking. So why are we slow to take this up? It was all there on show yesterday – the benefits, ROI, cost modelling, reliability, certainty, reduction of risk and quality.

To infinity and beyond as my friends in space say.

Cheers! :o)


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