There’s nowt so queer as folk. We love our processes , manuals, Gant charts and checklists. We forget that it is people who actually get things done – sometimes they may not feel like it! What then? To our best laid plans?

Control or not? A human race of robots would be no fun, but sometimes we plan as though they are.

As a BIM Champ for a few years now it is easy to get frustrated and I can understand when people complain about lack of interest or lack of attendance at meetings that we’ve spent a lot of time organising or just general lack of support.

It’s easy to gripe and become part of the problem.. Much better to change your mind and to be part of the solution. :o)

I look at this as providing opportunities. If I do that then perhaps that’s all I can do. Create space, provide some input , and leave the rest to whoever is interested.

A few years ago it struck me that this digital movement for change we are part of , cannot be controlled. Guided perhaps, but you need to leave room for surprises, twists and turns. The unexpected. This morphing network of digital communities, composed of people, is anarchic, chaotic, energetic, creative and so much more . Something of beauty, the future and the present all in one. You can taste it, feel it, see it . Or at least I can. Can you?

A cat will be shepherded for a while but it only lets you think you’re in control. A cat is never yours.

In the same way with the BIM movement we can’t control this now. Frameworks and guides are in place but they are only that. We are in the hands of people (not robots). The pace of the change is accelerating as is the pressure to keep up.

However one thing is certain. The change to digital is inevitable as I’ve discussed before. It is only a question of timing now.

And perhaps a time will come soon when more horses will come to the water, and more cats might want to be shepherded. The only question will then be in relation to the Darwinian moment – will they have left it too late to respond to the changing digital environment?

Time will tell!


Cheers :o)






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