New definition of BIM

Breakfast Information Modelling

I sometimes frequent a fast food joint characterised by the Golden Arches. I know its not good for me and I don’t need the lecture, and please don’t tell my family! So that’s OUR secret. OK?

But on the way to a BIM of a different kind meeting yesterday  I dropped in.

I engaged with a touch screen data interface.

I perused the menu choices available using the product object data displayed. Options were suggested and selected.

I made my selection, paid upfront. The data was aggregated and output.

My order was sent direct to the processing plant and I could track progress on the overhead display.

I could see when my order was ready, and I could immediately validate that my initial information requirements had been met.

The operational cycle was very satisfying complete with ketchup (of course) and put me in the right frame of mind for the meeting (which went very well by the way.)

I thought at the time this had strong similarities to something else very important, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it……

Cheers! :o)




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