Analogue villains in a digital world…

The saga of the Hatton Garden burglary is topical, but somehow it struck me as a metaphor for change.

The judge in the case described the gang as “old school villains”. The BBC website on one post says that the burglary was “doomed to fail.”


They were undone by digital technology!

Automatic Number Plate Recognition, mobile phone tracking and CCTV data aggregation done them in.

They hadn’t kept up to date and they paid the price. They did not realise the technical capability of the competition. (Police) Old school might be what we know but it ain’t going to cut it any more. Our world is changing.

I’ve feeling there’s a lesson here somewhere.

You might not go to prison, but you might go out of business.

Work it out.

Food for thought.

Cheers :o)






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