At the start of a new year it is customary to lay down a few markers, to set agendas, to look for a resolution, a commitment……..a resolve perhaps.

It only needs one thing.

Find, concentrate on that one thing, and everything that supports the attainment of that goal or objective – that CHANGE that you’re looking for.

Nothing else in mind, totally blinkered focused vision. A steely eyed determination to attain.

Pure focus. Drive. A committed, decided, determination.

So where I’m going with this? We abound with initiatives on all sorts of aspects. Some talk about initiative overload.

We are now in a significantly different time or age. Whither the Zeitgeist? What is the spirit of our age?

With changes both within and without the industry, this is becoming nothing less than a Darwinian struggle for survival and advancement against the backdrop of a changing world and economic order. A big statement I know, but if you look and listen, you can feel the ground shifting beneath our feet.

For the blockers, nay-sayers, laggards and dinosaurs there is still the idea that the good old business as usual will be good enough. Even now, the cold reality of a changed industry and environment is dawning oh so slowly!

However, for me now, this movement we’re in it’s not just about BIM anymore – anymore than it’s just about safety, the environment, inclusion, diversity, equality, education, careers and the adoption of technology.

This movement for change and what we stand for is now about the very future of our industry, how it is shaped, how it survives and progresses. BIM could well be the key catalyst, but this is about much more.

And so….

I want the lot! I want it all! Nothing less! Right now!

I can picture a mobilised network of over 500,000 people. Enough to make a difference.

Clamouring for change.

Banging on their CEO’s and manager’s desks. Influencing colleagues, businesses alike and anyone who will listen.

Demanding digital working.

Sustainable development and working practises.

Requiring diverse and inclusive equal opportunities.

Safely, collaboratively and united, together.

An industry of exciting, fulfilling, challenging careers and opportunities.

Can’t you see it?

Feel it?

Taste it?

Why do we accept this mediocrity? This greyness? Why aren’t we more frustrated, angry even? It’s ok to mix in a bit of passion, let’s stop being typically British! There’s great things happening already.

Time for some more!

Time to demand something better!

Join me. Join us

Nothing less will do!


Cheers !  :o)



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