I’ve written a short guide about UK BIM Level 2 called #UKBIM2…………….Slide1


It’s available as a free down load through my good friends at The B1M here:


You can also buy a cheap hard copy for £10 all in here:


Or you can just email me here: johneynon@me.com


Right now!


I’ve felt for a while that a little guide is needed to supplement what I’m talking about when I’ve been presenting. This basically collects together some simple guidance and resources.

Please use / distribute as you wish as long as you credit the source. I hope you find it helpful. If not, please accept my apologies and recycle!

The INTRODUCTION is reproduced below, and thanks to the guys at Wiley Blackwell, The B1M , and WASP Printers, http://www.waspprinters.co.uk   for helping me do this.

A slightly updated online version 2 will be available in Jan 16 to tidy up a few minor glitches.

Cheers! :o)



BIM, Building Information Modelling – a phrase or term that even now causes confusion!

The “experts” don’t need any help. In my day job, and from my travels talking and listening about BIM in the UK over the last few years, then it is clear to me how far we have yet to go in transforming our industry. The vast majority of our industry still has no idea about the UK BIM targets, and what it means for them.

Our industry can be so much more – more respected, rewarding, diverse, efficient, profitable, inclusive, sustainable and enabling great careers. BIM won’t achieve all of that but it is a catalyst for change. Let’s use it! I find this vision of our future, captivating and inspiring – and I know I’m not alone!

I’m making this guide available as a free down load on The B1M, and a low cost hard copy is available through my website (and Amazon shortly). The reason I’m doing this is because I just think our industry needs some easy to read guidance, that gives an overview on Level 2, and gives some pointers, that is freely available to all.

This short guide is not for experts. Nor will it give you all the answers, but I’m hoping to help you make a start and make you think about what comes next. 

This guide is collected from some of the sections from my forthcoming Construction Manager’s BIM Handbook, to be published in 2016 by Wiley Blackwell, and reproduced and adapted here with their kind permission.

JOHNEYNON. is a journeyman architect and design manager. You can catch up with him at http://www.zenanddm.com

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