BIM as a metaphor for change…

Perhaps it’s more of a symbol now.

BIM is an imperfect acronym. Strangely it misrepresents the very stuff it is supposed to describe! But it’s the only term that most people understand when we’re talking about this stuff, even if they don’t understand or even agree on the details.

Anyway, we were discussing stuff like this with my fellow collaborators  Alison Watson, Jennifer MacDonald, Tim Platts, and Rob Garvey at that well known shopping venue The Booking Office at St Pancras. :o)

The launch of #BIM4Good.

Whilst we know BIM won’t solve everything, I think it’s a symbol of a transformed industry.

Digital. Efficient. Lean. Quality. Sustainable. Technical. Professional. Diverse. Inclusive. Inspirational. Aspirational and Desirable.

And maybe BIM can be a vehicle that all these aspects can ride on.

I’m intrigued by this. This can be a movement for positive change unparalleled in our history.

But here’s a thing. The temptation is to recreate what we already have because that’s what we know.

This is different. This is growing a movement for the digital information age. No hierarchy. No assets other than our intellects and skills. Anarchic, swarming, flexible, mobile, collaborative, and …….uncontrollable!

Requirements under the bonnet, are passion, enthusiasm, commitment to change and willing to step up to the plate.

We can all be leaders now and need to be. We can all be agents of change.

And we had better be, otherwise we will get what we’ve always got!

So…..where are you?


Cheers! :o)






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