#BeginBIM – London and South East BIM Regions with the University of Westminster

The videos from the last meeting are now live at these links:

· “I Have The Best Job In The World” by Richard Lane. http://www.theb1m.com/video/i-have-the-best-job-in-the-world-richard-lane

· “BIM Is Like Going On Holiday” by Terry Stocks. http://www.theb1m.com/video/bim-is-like-going-on-holiday-terry-stocks

· “How Does BIM Impact Design?” by Casey Rutland. http://www.theb1m.com/video/how-does-bim-impact-design-casey-rutland

The London + South East BIM Region playlist is also now live here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEmWzqc0D6MhYi6CbVGAO1BTY3cJ0_Tv-

You can book for the next meeting here……http://www.westminster.ac.uk/news-and-events/events/architecture/information-management-the-fundamentals-for-implementing-bim?mc_cid=c5c3b00d02&mc_eid=6f88bd13bb

Rob Garvey, John Eynon

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