I’ll collaborate when I feel like it and not before…so there!

People’s attitudes are interesting aren’t they?

At least I think so. You can tell a lot. Like drivers, values, world view.

Even to a blind bat on the darkest of nights, roosting upside down in a very deep cave,  it must be obvious that the UK AECO industry needs a lot of help.

We could be so much better in all sorts of ways. Surely deep down we all know that? This isn’t just about BIM it’s about all sorts of issues , and we all know what they are.

Why are we so accepting of the status quo?

Why aren’t we more angry?

Why aren’t we collectively determined to make a difference  – to make some change?

Unfortunately the silos and tribes that we have with their own agendas don’t help. And…organisations and businesses whose only rule in life is to make another buck right now, screw the future and ensure their self-preservation, meanwhile the cash cow stands in the field slowly wasting away.

To put it another way we have many turkeys – can they vote for Christmas?!

However I think the deepest issue we face is simply this culture of self-interest. It is the biggest barrier to true collaboration. Refusal to think beyond your own corner, beyond your own boundaries for the wider good, whether that’s for your team, your project or the entire industry. Of course this takes a little effort, it might even cost a little. And hey, you might just have to put yourself out there. What? Stand up? Be different? Show some leadership? Set an example? Surely not!

Isn’t this worth a little discomfort? Yeah, we might be outside our comfort zone. But as they say if you’re not living  on the edge you’re taking up too much room!

I find the vision of our industry transformed beyond recognition thoroughly captivating and inspiring. Respected, satisfying, efficient, innovative, desirable, sustainable, diverse and profitable.

Don’t you?

But until we learn collectively “as an industry”, to go beyond and look to the wider picture, this is going to be some long old hard shift of struggle. The insane thing is to keep doing the same old things, and expect a wildly different result. Come on now, we know this!

Talk is cheap, and our industry is really good at that, so  let’s have another working party, committee or report to add to the pile. Yawn.

Time for a number of “industry” leaders to stand up be counted and be exemplars. We need some real leadership right now. Unfortunately can we speak with one voice, can we even agree the voice? We can’t even agree the words….

For the quiet life, I suppose we could all revert to type, look to ourselves and forget everybody else. Perhaps the industry we have deserves the future it will get if it carries on the way it is.

I have to disagree.

I refuse to sit on my hands, do nothing and let things carry on the way they are.

So how about you?


Cheers! :o)

To be continued…



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