3 million people – the power of mass

As much as our industry is about organisations, businesses and institutions, it is people that meet, trade, connect and collaborate or not?

It is people that make teams, movements and create success.

At what point does a wishful dream become a crystallised idea, a concept, a discussion, an action, a group, a movement, a following, critical mass, the tipping point, the status quo, and just the way things should be?

If three million people (you know who they are) made one positive action to improve the AECO industry every month for a year. That’s 36,000,000 positive actions. Tell me that wouldn’t make a difference!

Make it once a week, that’s 156,000,000!

I think you’re smelling what I’m selling, and knowing where I’m going.

You know where to start!

Cheers :o)



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