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Brighton UK

3rd September 2015

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Sarah Rock and the South East BIM Hub

The South East BIM Hub announces that Sarah Rock ( @sarahrocklaw ) is joining John Eynon as joint BIM champ for the South East.

Sarah is an Associate at law firm RPC, is also a well-known speaker on the legal aspects of BIM at conferences, and brings her experience to assist in developing the work of the Hubs.

Sarah said earlier today ”I am thrilled to be joining John Eynon and to become joint champion for the South East. The construction industry is taking great steps forward and I am delighted to be a part of that momentum, both within the BIM specific field and also in the Digital Diversity and Generational Change spectrum. I am relishing the opportunity to work with developing and supporting the Hubs and impacting the wider industry for digitally enabled change.”

John Eynon said; “I’m delighted that Sarah can join our Hubs team. She brings her legal insights into BIM but will also be focusing on Digital Diversity and Generational Change issues. Her passion and commitment to transforming our industry will be invaluable as we work together and move forward. Sarah is the first of several additions to our team and other changes designed to increase the impact and outreach of the Hubs across the UK.”



The Regional BIM Hubs were set up by the Construction Industry Council in 2012 to support the UK BIM programme.

The idea of the Hubs is to provide regional and local networks where anyone can get help and guidance about what BIM is, what Level 2 means and where to begin. The Hubs provide a safe place where you can just ask the “stupid” questions (there aren’t any!) and rub shoulders with people facing just the same challenges as you.

The Hubs also provide a conduit for disseminating best practice on BIM, and providing feedback to the BIM Task group and the 2016 legacy delivery team. The Hubs bridge the traditional industry silos, linking stakeholders across all roles and all stages of the asset lifecycle, providing a platform for true collaboration.

The Hubs have launched a collaboration with Digital Construction Week, http://www.digitalconstructionweek.com/home

Our mission and intent is to achieve a critical mass for BIM adoption in the UK, reaching out across our industry and beyond, to ensure that the digital revolution is both inevitable and happens as quickly as possible.

To find your local BIM Hub, check out here:


Digital Construction Week     http://www.digitalconstructionweek.com/home

For more information contact:

JOHN EYNON                           johneynon@me.com                         @56JONTS

ELIZABETH KAVANAGH                        elizabethkavanagh@stridetreglown.co.uk













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