The 600(u)k.

The Chasm

As we move up the bell curve of adoption, from the innovators, through the early adopters to the early majority, we reach a magical point – the tipping point. Simon Sinek defines this in his TED talks but roughly we’re talking about 20%. (Check out Geoffrey Moore and Chasm Theory!)

This is to reach critical mass, inevitability, momentum for irreversible change, Armageddon, Ragnarok and the like. The end, and destruction of the current stultifying paradigms that compose the stuff of our lives and are holding us back from true progress.


On a good day we have an industry of 3,000,000 people. So we’re talking about a target of 600,000 people to make the change.

No problem then!

600(u)k People who understand BIM, get Level 2, understand the benefits and potential for our industry and can see and taste the future, and want to make it happen.

People who demand change. People that bang on their manager’s and CEO’s desk every day, demanding change to better ways of working, digital information systems, more collaboration and integrated teams. A breaking of the silos and tribes that are holding us back.

The 600k. In the UK.

The 600(u)k.

Working with the Regional BIM Hubs, we are in the process of getting our act together. You will start to see this soon.

But just imagine 600,000 people in the Hub Network. Having to hire conference centres for monthly events, global webinars with millions of subscribers, learning the best about Digital Built Britain,  a membership budget that far outweighs anything the Task group or BIS can come up with. Why not?

For anyone that still thinks we can change an industry by the use of volunteers, freebies and enthusiasm alone I have a message – get real!

Relying on incremental change, and percolation or osmosis of ideas is nice, typically english but overrated and outdated. We need to give evolution a bit of help, a revolution, a kick. Make a stand, provide some leadership!!!

Maybe we’ve been a bit too safe…god forbid we put our heads above the parapet, and do something outrageous or controversial!…:o)

The reality

Is that the tactics that brought us here, to this point, though good and great, will not get us to where we need to be in any sensible timescale.

Of course there is Ragnarok. Enforced change through regulation, or through competition and intervention. Lets say China invades our industry and transforms the economic service model providing digital construction and design services at sub market rates. Or a digital information giant enters our industry. Almost overnight, businesses fail, careers end, and Digital Built Britain is in hock to someone else. #BIMnightmare. However we all know our industry only changes for one of two reasons. 1 – We have to – compliance and regulation. 2 – There’s money to be made. An industry that historically knows boom and bust inside out , and faces intense competition and low margins is not the most fertile bed for willing adoption of change and innovation.

Something to ponder. But we can and must do something. Most of the 600k are not on social media. So a tweet campaign isn’t going to fix this.

Strangely, we are at the Rubicon, where we need to collaborate more, and think differently about this.

Isn’t that what we were trying to do anyway?

Cheers! :o)






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