Everybody could have done it…

I’m sure you know the old rhyme… I find it irritating when people talk about “the Industry” should do this or that! Who is that? Where are they? Do you know them? It’s just a way of avoiding doing something…pass the responsibility to someone else! So ….BIM Level by 2016 Everybody knew we should do […]

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The 600(u)k.

The Chasm As we move up the bell curve of adoption, from the innovators, through the early adopters to the early majority, we reach a magical point – the tipping point. Simon Sinek defines this in his TED talks but roughly we’re talking about 20%. (Check out Geoffrey Moore and Chasm Theory!) This is to […]

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Don’t listen to us…

I know you’re not listening. There’s a change happening. It is¬†affecting everything we do. Lives, careers, businesses. Prediction? Careers will be transformed. Businesses will experience previously unimaginable efficiency and profitability. In contrast, some careers will come to a halt or take¬†a forced change of direction. And some businesses will no longer to be able to […]

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