Made in our own image ………this is none of the above…time to spread some #BIMlove….

Greetings earthlings!

And a quote from the Talking Heads…

“This isn’t my beautiful house, this isn’t my beautiful wife, my god what have i done?
so…………….. what have we done?”

For the last five years we’ve banged on about BIM, collaboration, a changed industry, and yada yada yada.

A lot of good people whose hearts are in the right place have put in a great long shift, and we’re not done yet, by a very long stretch.

We have Hubs, BIM4s , the communities and other groups, all doing great work.

But…….. then haven’t we created a mirror image of the very industry we’re trying to change for the better?

As various groups and organisations promoting the BIM agenda, we are fragmented, we don’t collaborate enough, and we don’t speak with one voice. We have created BIM silos and tribes. Wait! Hold on….wasn’t that what we’re supposed to change?

Time to change this I think! Right now!!

A call to unity often leads to further schism; political parties, churches and other merged organisations bear the scars, but this has to be said, and we now need to step up as the movement for change in the UK AECO industry.

We may haggle on the details, and some will always want to dance on the head of a pin,(because they can!) but deep down, surely we all agree on one main overriding aim, transforming our recalcitrant laggard industry for the better. And this isn’t just about BIM. Social responsibility, sustainability , diversity, respect, aspiration, skills, education spring to mind, just to name a few.

None of the above

As members of the UK BIM movement we have tremendous influence and power. Our total network extends to the leaders of the industry and across all disciplines and sectors. Sadly we are not capitalising on this. The levers are there to be used. We just need to learn to work together – you know! It’s just like this stuff we’re talking about all the time! :o)

We don’t need another group, another institute or whatever you might think. We just need to learn to work together where we are. To unite in making the change we need to see.

Collaborate and converge with determination to work together, to see it through,  for the better and greater good of the industry – isn’t it really that simple?

Find a way

Seth Godin talks about giving yourself permission. Pick yourself.

To make a difference. Do something. Make a start. Reach out.

Seth also talks about making a ruckus.

Time for love…

Barry White plays in the background….

Time for some #BIMlove …

The Regional Hubs offer a truly national network, a platform for change and connection, perhaps underused and under supported, certainly under-resourced. But we have persevered and rumours of our demise are somewhat premature. In fact they couldn’t be further from the truth! As you will all see very soon. However even the Hubs are duplicated by every institute and major organisation we have with their own regional membership structures. Which is fine. As expected. But why we can’t we just work together and support each other? What are we really afraid of?

So one of my messages is give the Hubs some love. Love your local Hub.

But more importantly…

Connect + Collaborate + Converge

Whatever our banner, tribe or group, we need to reach out, and find ways to work together – I think this is now a mission imperative – we have to.

Don’t wait! Be first. Make the move. Take the initiative. Right where you are. Accentuate the positive. Reach out.

I honestly believe we can do this. A revolutionary change is within our grasp, but to achieve #criticalmass4UKBIM , the tipping point, we need to reach and influence at least 600,000 people in our industry. Clearly no one grouping will do that alone. We need each other. Just think about it.

As for the Hubs we’re going to be making a ruckus soon. But more about that another time. You’ll hear the noise anyway…..

Cheers :o)




13 thoughts on “Made in our own image ………this is none of the above…time to spread some #BIMlove….

  1. I do solemnly swear ….. And with of as my witness…. I will do my part !
    John I actively participate in BIM4IUK, a C3D user group, Constructing Excellence M’cr and from Friday NWBIMHub…. I will bring them together!!!!
    But that’s not enough! ICE North West and anyone else for that matter!
    Another brilliant call to arms John, I hope everyone is listening !!!


  2. John

    This is a refreshing tonic and one I hope the industry gets behind and supports. You know my views on the silos and it is one in which I am willing to champion with you so count me in to this change.


  3. John I really enjoy reading your blog!! Its like the Shepard reeling in his flock!
    But the sheep are still going round in circles here in N.Ireland!!
    Those who have a bit of BIM knowledge are in it for the buck while the others try and catch up!!
    But I will keep the faith and when the waters part we will walk across the ocean!!


  4. I agree – some of the nastiest comments I’ve ever seen on social media were by BIM “experts” ridiculing those new to the process. I’ve also found people to be incredibly helpful and keen to solve problems. Maybe it is simply a reflection of humanity! I hope that as it becomes more mainstream and we move to proper collaborative working those who thrived on unnecessary confrontation will fall by the wayside.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Seek first to understand before being understood. We all look through our own lense, the pathway is in share to care, or care to share…any innovation is someone’s untapped learning. We simply should not stop learning and accept other’s view with our own interpretation.


  6. Very valid points Jon, although I think the industry’s issues are beyond fixing with a call to arms.

    For all the good intentions in the world, we’re being led by the same people who have been doing things this way for a very long time.

    There has been a lot of talk about a need for culture change, but I think this will only really happen with a generational change.

    Our industry is led by individuals and companies who fundamentally don’t understand the digital economy (or don’t want to).

    Trusting the industry and it’s leaders as we currently stand to guide us towards a collaborative, digital future is the equivalent of letting Sepp Blatter oversee FIFA’s attempts to reform and rid themselves of corruption.


    1. Hi Darren. Good points! 30 years experience can just be 30 years of getting it wrong!I suspect it is not the current generation of “leaders” that will see this through. I wonder if it is as much demographic change as technology. Good to hear from you. Best J.


  7. Wasn’t this why #UKBIMCrew emerged… to unify and cross pollinate the BIM scene and bang the drum? I wouldn’t say it hasn’t done good, because it has… but I can’t really describe the progress as a ruckus so the noise needs to be louder.

    To Darren’s point – look at the financial results, the slow moving titans will fall.


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