RegionalBIMHUBS – Alive and kicking, kicking and screaming…etc…etc…etc…

This is in response to a question, or more accurately just a comment…

“Are the Hubs continuing?”


The rumours of our demise are somewhat premature. It has been my privilege to be involved in a couple of meetings of the BIM Hub Champs recently. I don’t think I’ve been in a more positive, enthused, committed, passionate, can-do group of people for a long long time.

There are rumours about the Taskgroup, rumours about the legacy funding and arrangements post 2016, and even rumours about the Philpster’s lunch last week. (Sorry Dave, you have to get a mention somewhere….:o)  )

Let me be clear – the future of the Hubs is not dependent on any of the above! We intend to be sticking around for quite a while, at least until our recalcitrant industry finally “gets” Level 2 and is well on the way to Level 3 and beyond.

As Champs we have begun to map out a plan for the way ahead for us. We intend to ramp up our reach, increase our impact, and reach out to and embrace many partners across the industry and beyond.

So spread the word. Give this post to anyone who has doubts about this, and if they don’t believe you, put them in touch with me, and I’ll give them a good talking to!

So what’s next?

1 – Join your local Hub. Find details of contacts here:

2 – We will launch our updated strategy at Digital Construction Week in October, details here:

We will be working with BIM2050, BIM4SME, BIM4Clients and others. There will be talks, workshops, clinics and more.

3 – We are working on lots of stuff, but it’s not ready yet!

I just wanted to get this post out, so spread the word. If you want to know more contact your local Champ or myself, and we can tell you about some of our ideas.

And finally…just to say everyone in the Hubs – we just want to play our part in transforming and moving our industry into a better place…smarter, connected, respected, efficient, professional, diverse and sustainable in every sense of the word.

I don’t think there has ever been a more exciting time in my career so far. Nor more important.

Our collective future is at stake, and it’s all up for grabs.

Will YOU join with us?

Cheers! :o)


PS – Remember this day in history – you heard it hear first! Have a great day. J.


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