BIM? – 3D might be a good place to start!

Having been involved with BIM over the last few years, I’m sure we’re all familiar with the mantra that says “BIM is about much more than just 3D modelling”. And so it is, but let’s just hold on to that thought a moment.

As a Design Manager, over my career, the bane of my life has been design co-ordination – or to be more exact, the lack of it!

Time and time again, design teams fail to consider the detailed way in which things fit together, and have to be built. I’m guessing but I suspect a lot of problems on jobs can be traced back to this somewhere. Whether it’s lack of understanding in the base design or a failure to comprehend and integrate the input of different disciplines and specialist sub-contract designers and suppliers. Move this forward into the construction process and it compounds the problem. Trying to co-ordinate and design as you build is not for the fainthearted!

In analogue world, a pile of drawings, a red felt pen, and lot’s of mark ups. This is part of the lot of the Design Manager. Roll this forward into digital using a platform like Navisworks or Solibri, a volume control strategy to PAS1192/2 and a clash report. Add these all up and what was once several days work can be done in a matter of minutes.

So whilst the BIM nay sayers sit on the fence, wring their limp wrists and say it’ll never work, if they just embraced this aspect of BIM for now and made 3D co-ordination work, it would pay for itself within one project. Of course there is then the opportunity to progress into other aspects of BIM, but 3D in itself could and should be a significant step in delivering better designed buildings more efficiently.

On any contract the design and risk contingency can be anything up to say 5% of the contract sum. Instead why not delete the risk pot, and pay for some kit and training, and you’ll still have enough change for your next Porsche.( :o) as you would of course!). And you will have a project design moving into the construction phase with less risk, more certainty and more profitably to boot.

Worth consideration I think.

Go on – you know want to .

Cheers! :o)


One thought on “BIM? – 3D might be a good place to start!

  1. Well put Jon. Successful coordination in whatever form, whether 2d or 5d translates into successful projects. I’m looking forward to a future where bim will assist bright and dynamic professional teams to bring better designed, and better built buildings to clients that understand value in collaborative working and investment in the right project resources.


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