Fave rave #57 – BIM Dictionary

I rarely rave over anything. But…as you know my previous raves include…

The B1M – http://www.theb1m.com

Class of Your Own – http://designengineerconstruct.com

BIM4SME – http://www.bim4sme.org

This fave rave is about the BIM Dictionary and BIM Acronyms produced by Rob Jackson and those great guys at Bond Bryan. Available here, free! : http://bimblog.bondbryan.com/document

For me it was one of those “just what I was looking for” moments. Where all the BIM terms and acronyms you can think of are collected together in one place, and importantly are UK centric and also cover the terms in the Level 2 documents. It’s not something you’re going to sit down and read in one go, but a resource to turn to when you need it, like a trusted friend. And in the true spirit of BIM they have been produced and freely shared.

The guys at Specified By have also produced an online version. Available here: https://www.specifiedby.com/resources/bim-dictionary

They also keep updating and are grateful for any comments on updates etc. For me this is an exemplar of BIM and true collaboration in action, and followed through, so that good stuff is generated, shared and people are invited to participate. So go check it out and show your support by downloading/bookmarking and using it.

It’s free, readily available and you have no excuse!

A copy is now sitting on my desktop by my Mac.  I have a feeling this is/will be one of those go to resources!! Enjoy! And great work guys! (Did I say that before?)

Cheers :o)


PS – #57? – It’s rather like “Heinz 57 varieties” – it’s got everything!

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