It’s the only way, so they say…

Well here we are!!!

The end of another year. Amazing how time flies!

It is perhaps habitual at this time of year to pause, reflect and resolve to do better next year. Within a few weeks, January will be littered with failed resolutions. Cynical I know, but human nature is such that we all know how it goes, don’t we?

Except this time…perhaps things can be different? Ever the optimist!

Throw a pebble…

                      Ripples in the pond….

Influence, networks, meetings, synchronicity. One thing CAN lead to another. Opportunities can develop. Momentum can be injected and gained, people can be inspired to move and change. Enthusiasm can triumph in the face of negativity.


We CAN all make a difference.

Most of the time we have no idea of the impact of even the smallest of our actions, But they can result in making a difference, in ways perhaps that we couldn’t even begin to imagine. Snowball – hill – rolling down – getting bigger – remember?

So, you’ve guessed it, in 2015, I’m asking you to do something to make a difference. Who knows what might happen!

Maybe do something to raise the profile of the industry, do some innovation, share skills and expertise, network, communicate, promote best practice, encourage young people into the industry, hire an apprentice. Give a little love, simply encourage someone who’s having a hard time of it, discover your softer side! :o) You get the picture.

Resolve to do ONE thing, even just put one of these in front of your CEO. If we all did that, we could make some ripples!

If you’re stuck for ideas, try these:

Good luck!

As Rocky says to Mr T in number III; ” Go for it!”

Best wishes of the season and all the very best too you around the world for a great 2015!

Cheers :o)


2 thoughts on “UP!

  1. Thanks for the blog John. 2015 won’t just be ‘another year’ – the next twelve months would be the best yet for the construction industry, particularly in relation to BIM and attracting talented young people to our wonderful industry.


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