A ration of passion! – Share + Inspire!

It has been an interesting week !

I had the privilege of speaking at the B1M University at the University of Westminster about Level 2 BIM.

The B1M is a fantastic initiative and totally in step with the millennial generation.  http://www.theb1m.com       .Fred Mills and Tom Payne are doing something very special here. Communicating BIM to the YouTube generation. But it is their passion that inspired me.
Why do this? Why make the effort? It is not for financial gain or for an easy life!
It is their passion for change, their belief things can be better, and a clear vision of what our industry could be like that drives them on.

Driven. Compelled. Inspired.

There’s a few words to think about!

Made me think of other people who are passionate about what they do and what they want to achieve. For very few people in this category is it all about making money. They are driven to make a difference because they can see a world that is different and better, so clearly, they can feel it, touch it and taste it, which drives them on like indestructible bulldozers to achieve their goal.

Another who fits in this category is Alison Watson of Class of Your Own. Equally driven, single-minded and passionate about bringing BIM, teamwork, collaboration and construction careers into schools. http://designengineerconstruct.com

And then think about the guys in the Regional BIM Hubs and the BIM4 groups. Here there are people from all sorts of backgrounds trying to make a difference, to make the change our industry so badly needs, in actual fact with very little support.

But again the common themes are passion, enthusiasm, vision, commitment, determination, and holding on to the ideas that the industry can be better in all sorts of ways…AND…we can make a difference, whoever we are , and whatever “position” we hold.

It might be about BIM adoption, inclusion, respect for people, equality and diversity, working conditions, integrity and transparency, fairer dealings and payments, profile and image of the industry, carbon agenda and sustainability, careers for young people, careers for old people (!). There are so many areas where our industry can be better. There’s no shortage!

We can all play our part.

So…….where’s your passion? Find it, and do something about it!

Give someone a little ration of passion today………!

Cheers :o)



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