@TechnopopLondon @ClassofYourOwn – a call to arms!!!

I’ve been at Technopop yesterday and today in Stratford with DEC! Class of Your Own.

Over the last two days we (a team of volunteers) have enabled EcoClassroom work shops with about 250 schoolchildren. Another 100 tomorrow!

We learn about design, communication, sustainability, landscape, surveying, brand, marketing, management, communication, presentation, collaboration, team work and getting stuff done.

Its real life in a workshop. The students work in teams. As an enabler I learn new things and insights every time. And today was no different. In leading the workshop I feel always on the brink of chaos and anarchy. It takes a while for everyone to get into it and then suddenly the groups are beavering away, producing brands, logos, classroom designs and presentations. Its amazing stuff….it WORKS.

I’m in awe of the MIllenials/Digital Natives, their natural ease and comfort with all the tech and gizmos – it’s a given. For me I remember when the first calculators came out …and yes it was an abacus!

For me this is what it’s all about – inspiring todays students to join our industry. Otherwise if we don’t crack on with things like this there won’t be anybody to do BIM! or anything else!

At Technopop there were all sorts, Crossrail, 3D printing, laser scanning, and more. The students were excited, inspired, and asking us to do more with their schools. This stuff really really REALLY WORKS!!!

But why are these events and organisations so poorly supported and funded?

Reliant on a lot of volunteer help and the organisers having to scrabble around for funding, help and calling in favours?

Let’s face it, the sums of money we’re talking about here aren’t huge, and it would be such an encouragement. The money equates to a few decent business lunches or “away days” that our industry worthies partake in. Alison Watson and others like her across the industry are so passionate about inspiring the next generation, they deserve better – and more.. They ain’t doing it for the money, some glitzy awards or getting on the front of glossy mag. The leaders of some of the bigger companies in our industry really ought to know better – what planet are they really on? Where do they think the digitally skilled staff to replace the Baby Boomers are going to come from?

So my dear earthlings and grasshoppers, if we want our industry to improve, progress and adopt these technologies we need to get the Millenials involved and inspire them about careers in Construction and the Built Environment.

So here’s what you’re going to do.

When you read this today, tomorrow or whenever, you’re going to go straightaway to see your CEO, MD, chairman, boss, whoever.

Ask them why your business, institute, organisation isn’t sponsoring Class of Your Own and Technopop. Tell them if they go without their business lunches for a month , that’ll do the trick and to get in touch with the guys as links below. Perfect for ticking your CSR boxes in all sorts of ways and great for those PQQs.

Also CoYO needs volunteers, and sponsoring organisations for workshops and courses in schools.

There is plenty to do, lots of stuff could be done, but resources are needed. If you and me don’t do it, who will?

Cheers! :o)




PS – If your CEO needs to know more or a presentation you know where to come! :o)

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