Good evening and..

Welcome to the Cult of #BIM.

Our god is in the Cloud

We have legions of Servers

We have our own Language..IFC, LOD, 1192, B555, BEP et al

Our Mark is the Wedge, forever may it be hallowed, branded on our palms

Our Holy Writ is BS1192, PAS1192/2, PAS1192/3, BS1192/4

We have our Apostles…the blessed Mark, David, and Mervyn –  forever may they be venerated

Our Acolytes and helpers are everywhere..they are the #BIMcrews, the #BIM4s, the #BIMHubs, #TheB1M

Collaboration is our Shield of righteousness

Interoperability our Staff of comfort, let us always be Open

COBie/IFC is our Watchword…praise be to the Nick and the Smart Builders

WE are passionate, fervent

WE are enthusiastic

WE are committed to the #BIMcause

WE are the MAKERS…we are the Digital Engineers –

WE conceive, create, design, make and construct

WE WILL transform our industry for a better day for all

Respected, efficient lean and profitable, oozing quality and creating an outstanding environment.

Let us go forth in the Name of the #BIM and multiply!

PS…it has often struck me the similarities between the BIM movement and a cult – we have all the hallmarks, and we need the passion and fervour, lets remember to keep the borders and boundaries open…we welcome everyone!!

Cheers! :o)


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