Just when you thought it was safe…..the grumpy old dinosaurs strike back!

I think really I’ve had enough.

Whilst I have a lot of time for Gen Y, the millenials, the digital natives, or whatever current tag they go by these days, sometimes its like people my age are just going to bide their time, tread water, and make way for these future leaders of industry, and quietly stand aside without a murmur.

Yes perhaps perhaps us Baby Boomers have a lot to answer for, in terms of sustainability, economics and the poisoned legacy for future generations. We are the generation that never had it so good! And we’re still living like it to some extent…

But apologies over. And now its the the turn of the Super Boomers!

A recent report by The Future Laboratory argues that “Over-50s are redefining what it means to be older as they embrace “a second go at being youthful”, according to the study by The Future Laboratory, commissioned by technology firm Huawei.

A classic example of the phenomenon is UK entrepreneur Richard Branson, who is famous for his risk-taking ways, enjoys extreme sports and is now shooting for space with Virgin Galactic. He shows no signs of slowing down.

As of this year, there are more than 1.7 million entrepreneurs over 50 in the UK and one in five over-50s is self employed, according to the study. And as one of the wealthiest generations in history, controlling 89 per cent of disposable wealth, they are also redefining views on lifestyle, fashion and technology.

“Super Boomers are embracing the fact that they will be living for longer and are having a second go at being youthful. No longer does their age define them: their hobbies, interests and passions move them,” the report says.” (sounds a bit like mid-life crisis on steroids!)

The Future Laboratory…..http://thefuturelaboratory.com/uk/

Admittedly Richard Branson could be a difficult example here, let’s face it he has the money to do whatever he wants a gazillion times over!

But what this does mean is that for every Boomer dinosaur who doesn’t get the digital age and will never change, there are probably many more out there in the Super Boomer mould who do. Embracing the technology, networking, sharing information, collaborating and in a way paving the way.

Learning is a way of life, and certainly for me that’s always been the case, particularly as you see the person responsible for your professional development every morning in the mirror – you! (me!)

I have felt for a long time that our biggest challenge is just getting the message across to the people in the trenches (literally), those in mid to late career, who will need to embrace BIM, collaboration and everything this means to a lesser or greater extent. Perhaps the audience may be a bit more receptive than we might have imagined, it’s just a question of continuing to push home the key points about BIM, the benefits and what it means for our great industry.

In the meantime I intend giving Gen Y a good run for their money….anyone care to join me?

Cheers :o)









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