The silence of the BIMs

Spoiler alert! This post may have nothing to do with BIM at all! On the other hand……

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a salutary experience.

I’ve had a chest infection and laryngitis for a few weeks. (I  blame a particularly wet night at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, which apparently is the wettest place in the UK!)

Anyway this meant that I could not talk for about 10 days, and barely whisper.
This also resulted in my first day off sick from work for about 15 years. Gutted!

An illness ideal for the digital age….I could still tap away on the keyboard, mark up drawings, tweet, use 4 projects, LinkedIn and the rest.

It amazed me how little you need to say to really say to get by. Point, gesticulate, mutter something and job done!

However, if you know me, you will know I’m not the greatest conversationalist in the world. But when I really wanted to say something that I felt was important but couldn’t welcome to Frustration City!

This brought home to me the need for good old human interaction. This made me think well we have all these digital tools that we’re using every day. No doubt there are geeks working away in darkened rooms trying to automate more and more of the processes we’re involved in, so that human hand need not touch any of it.

Sad day.

Perhaps one day in the future, you will be able to press a button and it all just happens. But we will have lost something.

Successful projects are made by successful teams. Successful teams are built by people collaborating and interacting together. It’s not the IT, the BIM, the 1192 whatever. It’s the people stupid!

Human interaction provides a richness to our daily experience that cannot be replaced by your user interface or a piece of software. Our humanness is part of what makes this all work.

Let’s never lose sight of that.

Cheers! :o)



One thought on “The silence of the BIMs

  1. Agree totally with your views. I was made immobile (And equally frustrated) due to Severing my Achilles tendon. 16 weeks out. face to face collaboration and interaction is still best (At the moment).


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