The Zen of clock maintenance – You Tube Generation and @TheB1M

We have a clock in our kitchen.

It’s one of those ditzy kitsch ones with ceramic fruit all over it, but my wife likes it.

My wife uses technology but isn’t a great fan but she has learned that You Tube can show you how to do anything. Even clock maintenance.

We repaired our clock with a few parts from Amazon and a 2 minute You Tube video.

So why not BIM?

Why not The B1M ?

Great ideas are the simplest, and make you think that’s obvious, but if it is , why didn’t YOU do it?!!

So congrats to Fred Mills and the team at The B1M, winners of the SECBE award and contenders at the Construction News awards this week, beaten only by the BIM Task Group and David Miller.

No worries Fred, there will be more, but we both know thats not the point. Reaching a generation using video streamed technology – vision, implementation, delivery , technical know how. A million people for BIM, not so far away!

( Bows and hats off)

Very well done!

Cheers ;O)


SECBE awards
SECBE awards
SECBE awards
SECBE awards





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