The Secret BIM Society

I think about things.

That’s my job.

I’ve been frustrated by the lack of penetration into the market of BIM particularly down the tiers of the supply chain. After all its not for the want of trying is it?




Conferences, and the rest.

And then I read something in a different context about secrets. Keeping them, making them, wanting to know them.

Here we are giving BIM away. And now people are too busy or too resistant to change or whatever, even to find time to listen.

So give up.

Don’t tell them that your efficiency is getting better, providing better service to clients and the teams, making more profit, using less resources , having more fun. As they see you leaving your competition behind, i think they’ll soon want to know. Tell them it’s an industry secret. The standards and guidance are hidden on the internet. Secret clubs meet to learn about BIM but nobody tells you where they are.

Zip it. Nada.

Join the Secret BIM Society.

Cheers :o)


PS – Am I serious? That’s a secret!

PPS – I’m also struck by the need for change from within. We need to embed champions within organisations to promote change. They need support, to continue to push against the inertia and dead weight of moribund cultures and ways of working. Growth from within is much more effective, as opposed to responding to external forces, like with the dinosaurs and the meteorite, and we all know what happened to them …right? Change or die baby…..! Thanks Charlie D!

Perhaps this is just another change in the mood, the flip from external drivers to internal motivation for change.

PPPS – Membership of the Secret BIM Society comes complete with password, secret code and handshake, smug #BIMgrin because of all those benefits you’re getting, endless patience and tenacity, (thanks Andy!), leather apron based on the design of Philpsters kilt and sporran (which are awesome by the way!) and invisible ink pen, plus many many more which I can’t tell you because it’s a #BIMsecret.


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