Not for profit organisation, BIM4SME launches new website as a BIM hub of information for SMEs

BIM4SME is inviting small and medium size companies to come and explore its new website.

The new website has been designed to provide an easy flow and user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing smaller companies to access information relevant to them and their BIM journey.
One of BIM4SME’s goals is to ensure communication of simple messages to help smaller organisations and sole traders understand the benefits of implementing a BIM strategy suitable to their business, their strategy and their current practice.

Widespread assumption still exists amongst those not making the steps towards the understanding of BIM. Many misplaced messages have been interpreted through the fast moving pace of BIM, such as it being a costly and time constrained exercise, that it’s only meant for bigger projects or that a change to being BIM enabled will mean the upheaval of current processes. BIM4SME is determined to communicate that this is not always the case for those smaller companies out there.

The website includes useful links which continue to be expanded upon, as well as case studies, technical information, event news and exclusive opportunities and discounts to BIM4SME members.

“The BIM4SME team understands that there are limited avenues for the sole trader or smaller practice to source simple and accessible BIM information” says Tim Platts, Chair. “There are practices and businesses out there that would like to consider BIM but it is still a fear for some. We hope with the publication of our recent Annual Report which looks at our activities and achievements in the last year and communication of developments yet to come, that more will join the network and also the core group, and the website will be just one starting point which could make a positive and useful difference.”

Visit BIM4SME’s new website at and keep a continued look out for new information. Be sure to also share your requirements and ideas with us.



BIM4SME is a non-profit making organisation made up of individuals from different sectors within the construction industry. BIM4SME is part of the National BIM Task Group and is here to enable small and medium businesses in their BIM journey.


BIM4SME’s objective is to raise awareness of the processes that will articulate value proposition and business benefits to the small and medium companies to service the construction sector.


For more information, please contact Gemma Lennon, BIM4SME Ambassador, Ph. 07795 115717 /

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