@DECinSchools #EcoClassroom @classofyourown…Watch out ….the natives are coming!

Big shout out to the the Design Engineer Construct!, Class Of Your Own team this morning.

Helped with a workshop at Heathcote School in Chingford yesterday. These guys are amazing.

40 students, Years 7s, 8s, 9s. The 7s gave their peers a serious run for their money. Learn sketch up in an hour – no problem!

Design a classroom – no problem! Produce some visualisations and a presentation in a morning – no problem!

I’m amazed by their confidence, ballsyness (if there s a word!) and just their can do take on the world attitude. The way they move around in digital and produce ideas……..the digital natives are coming…….we had several CEOs in the making…….awesome!

They made collaboration and working in teams look easy…there’s something we could all learn from here…you should try it!

Big thanks to Andy and the team at Heathcote for looking after us so well, it was a delight to be with you and your pupils who were a joy to work with. I learnt so much!

Also thanks to Alison and the guys at COYO. Superb initiative…….More please! And let’s spread the word out there!!!

Check COYO out here:


Cheers! :o)



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