The BIM variations – 2nd movement

A change of key – modulation of the theme?

It might be just me , but have you detected a change of tone recently?

Didn’t BIM Show Live have a theme of “Let’s get serious”.

Robert Klaschka’s recent article in Building rightly expressed some frustration at the slowness of industry adoption.

It’s always difficult in the middle of something to really take the temperature, to see how we’re doing, we are like the proverbial cooked frog in the pot of boiling water.

To be honest we are looking at the greatest evolution in the history of UK construction, so there will be a few ups and downs here. I often talk about this as a public experiment. Our industry is undergoing a transformation in the glare of the watching world, with all the might of Twitter, Facebook, WordPress (!) and the Internet commentating and critiquing every move!

But lets peg a few things down…

1 – The key guidance is in place all bar the shouting to get us to Level 2. There is more than enough material to keep even the most studious closeted in their rooms to fully digest the mysteries of PAS1192/2 and 3, and also 4 which is now out for consultation. Add to this the Protocol, Soft Landings et al. In no time at all the Classification and digital Plan of Work tools will be available.

2 – The early adopters will continue to blaze their trail. Why? Because they see the benefits – it is a no brainer – period!

3 – The key government departments are on board and getting firmly embedded with this. Why? Because they see the benefits and it is a key plank in delivering the 2025 vision. – it is a no brainer – period! (2)

4 – At some point, and maybe we’re seeing this already, peer pressure will add to the evolutionary mix. Some more switched on clients will demand BIM, and ask their teams to step up. At this point, the naysayers will have a straight choice – race to catch up, or chase diminishing returns and just fade away……….

5 – However, we must not underestimate the challenge of reaching the long tail of the industry, but if the fire of the leading lights is bright and unbowed, which I think it is , then the tail will be dragged along by the sheer energy of the guys at the front, particularly if they are making the wonga! I think in this case hearts and minds will follow the money. There are enough examples out there. And add to this the quality of service and added value for clients/customers.


Nice article by Frank McLeod in Building this week.

As he eloquently says, it’s just about doing things better, accessing those efficiencies, reducing waste, increasing your bottom line, doing business better, “it’s just the way we do stuff,” don’t even talk about BIM!

So to conclude I guess I’m saying we’re reaching/reached/passed the point of no return here. It’s the way we’re doing stuff. And remember we are surrounded and immersed, submerged even, in a whole digital universe. We are living breathing it every day now. Your inbox tells the story!

So construction just can’t stay in the hands of the analogue dinosaurs any more. Move over!  We have come such a long way in a relatively short time, and its important to maintain focus, keep our vision and resolutely see this through. Resistance is futile, as the Borg say. Our lives are going digital, are digital – it’s relentless.

Imagine the future – you’re making it now!

Cheers! :o)














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